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big bang fic: always you
twofourteen wrote in insideyourpants
I have never done this, so bear with my n00bness in coding the art in a fashionable manner.

HAI! I am twofourteen, and I am making art for Always You, without time or space, benitle's fantastic spn_j2_bigbang story this year.

So, go forth and frolic in her amazing story! And maybe enjoy my art. YOUR CHOICE! I may revisit this art later, because there are still ideas a-floating around in my head. :D




800x600 + 1024x768 + 1280x800 + 1440x900 + 1680x1050

AND! Since I have gotten a few questions about fonts, I shall share those too.

The main font in the header is Freely, the smaller one is Dirtyhouse. In the icon, the cursive-y (heh) font is P22 Vincent and the other one is Badhouse.

Ooh, I love the city backdrop thing you've got going there! ♥ This looks great!

hee. Thanks! Now go read Pet's fic, CAUSE IT'S FANTASTIC. :D And I beta'ed. So, ya know. Clearly it's that much better. ;)

Thanks again for all your hard work on this, darling! <3 You're a genius! My favorite Sam'n'Dean picture EVER! The Manhattan skyline! I love the colors and everything. The pyramids! Seriously, this is really, really awesome!

Thank you so much! ♥

I am so pumped you like it! :D :D :D I am glad I was sneaky and picked it. ;)

wow. i love it. the city upside down looks interesting. wonderful job!!!

sorry but could i ask what's the name of the font you used on the banner? ^__^

Eeee! Thank you. :D

You most definitely can ask! Font used in the title is Freely, and the smaller font is Dirtyhouse. :D

Oh wow, this looks awesome! I really love the colors, textured look, and mood. Fabulous job and very original!


(Psst. One of the textures I used was a scanned in Swiffer pad. LOL.)

I haven't read the story (probably won't because it's not my kind of story) but I always like to check out the art posts!
I like that you have the theme going! That it shows that all the art is part of one collection!

It is really well done. If I can be as bold as to give you some concrit (I only do this because it is good) I would say that the NY skyline that is upside down in the header confuses me, but it may make sense if I read the story? - or do I just miss something? I see that the shapes fit and that it looks cool (I mean, if the shapes were there as shaddows or just the paper the rest of the header was 'printed on' had stopped there in that shape... or watever, it would have looked cool, because it really blend well with the triangle shapes you have at the bottom.) So I can see why you want it there. I can aslo see why you need the skyline, because it's one of the elements you tranfer to the other pieces of art....but still, since it's a skylline and it's upside down, it feels a bit out of place. You might have tried other solutions to include the skyline and not found something you like (and I have no suggestions to you right now), I just know that it's one thing I imidiatly got hung up in, and that would have bugged me if I made it. But that's the only 'minus' you get from me. :-)

(well, and maybe that the cut in the banner is just accross Jareds eyes, but every solution I can think of to avoid that will make another problem, so I think that might have been the best solution after all)
(and yeah, you are right - I am nit picky - but as I said, I am because this is really good! I think you are good enought to take concrit, because that's what makes up better, right?)

I think the 'paper' you have used in the header is really cool! It makes a great effect, and the font is just fantastic!
(which font is it? I would really like to have it).

And the theme tranferes so well to icons and divider etc (Love the divider!)
Even though you have a darker and rougher structure to the header than the rest, it's no question that they are part of the same art collection. It works perfectly.

I love that you have used so few elements in your art. It's very clean without getting boring.

And the choise of Dean and Sam pictures! Can't go wrong with that one!

All in all; very good!

*blinks* WOAH! Never thought I would get THIS much feedback!! Hee. Thank you!

Honestly, there is really no reason for the upside down skyline other than "HEY THIS WOULD LOOK NEATO UPSIDE DOWN!" lol.

Font in the title is Freely. :D

Thanks so much for such great feedback. :D

Oh sweetie, that's gorgeous!!!

AWW SHUCKS!! Thank you babycakes. ;)

The art is absolutely gorgeous! I love S/D with rifles against the NYC skyline, perfection.

*squeaks* Thank yoooou. :D


It´s beautiful! Love the blue tone... and the mixture pyramids/city in the banner, the textures are amazing...

And the divider, icons and wallpaper are so WONDERFUL too...

WOOH. Thank you so much. :D

(Scanned in Swiffers ftw! ;))

Weeee....the blue tone is very good!

IDK, but I love the color blue with the Winchester boys. Thanks for the feedback. :D

I love the wallpaper and dividers. Really different, and the monochrome effect works well. The banner with the pyramids and upside down city skyline is intriguing and really makes me want to read the fic - you've done a good job of drawing the viewer in!

HOORAY. You should totally read it. SO GOOD. :D

Edit: DUH. Thank you for the comment and feedback!!

Edited at 2009-06-16 08:19 am (UTC)

HELLO, NEW WALLPAPER! Seriously love what you made here, the colors! The simplicity! But still with enough to catch the viewer's eye~~ Delightful ♥

Hee. Not gonna lie, it's my wallpaper too. ;) I am so glad that the simplicity worked so well!! Thanks for the feedback. :)

Great job! These are just lovely!!

Gracias, Lexi.

*throws a sombrero at you*

The city backdrop works very well.