big bang fic: always you

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I have never done this, so bear with my n00bness in coding the art in a fashionable manner.

HAI! I am twofourteen, and I am making art for Always You, without time or space, benitle's fantastic spn_j2_bigbang story this year.

So, go forth and frolic in her amazing story! And maybe enjoy my art. YOUR CHOICE! I may revisit this art later, because there are still ideas a-floating around in my head. :D

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800x600 + 1024x768 + 1280x800 + 1440x900 + 1680x1050

AND! Since I have gotten a few questions about fonts, I shall share those too.

The main font in the header is Freely, the smaller one is Dirtyhouse. In the icon, the cursive-y (heh) font is P22 Vincent and the other one is Badhouse.